This website uses a database to hold information about events - regular meetings and social events - and limited information about the club's members in order to identify organizers and so on.

The use of a database also alows members to book events and to make choices from menus or for travel options.

A password system is used to protect members' information and to avoid spurious input from non-members.

An underlying concept in the design is to allow members to input and edit information themselves, such that ulimately the role of webmaster will be simply to maintain the site: correcting errors or faults and improving the design.

A sophisticated system of permissions has been developed that allows web admin actions to be restricted to nominated personnel.


Structure to the webpages is provided by HTML, formatting is achieved through CSS, PHP is used to program logic, calculations, etc and finally SQL is used to communicate with the database.


The author would like to acknowlege the text and other material provided by his predescessors: Alan Eastough and Jim Hamilton.


The author is Arthur Durrant and contact details are shown through this link.