Kyrle Probus Club
   of Ross-on-Wye


Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Windsor

A large party of Kyrle Probus members, partners and friends, set off for the metropolis early on Friday morning, 12th August.  Pausing briefly for coffee at Membury Services for coffee, we arrived in London shortly after noon for a visit to the Royal residence of Clarence House.  Clarence House is the home of Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry, but had been the home of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother for many years.  We were privileged to see the whole of the ground floor of the house which feels very much a home.   Among many paintings and objets d'art were a set of pictures of the Blitz that had appealed to the Queen Mother and were a poignant reminder of those dreadful days. Finally, we were able to rest in the garden before heading off to Harrods.

Harrods is a vast place, very badly signed.  Several of us on got very lost, needing to ask directions to escalators and Way Out!

We were to dine and overnight at the Holiday Inn, Heathrow, but for some time we could see it but could not find the way to it.  The access road is very well hidden.  Still, we had an unscheduled tour of the airport thrown in.

Next morning, it was Buckingham Palace time.  This tour takes a good two hours, and is absolutely amazing.  We really needed out coffee break (early afternoon tea for some!) after the tour.

Finally we stopped for about 3 hours at Windsor.  Some of us took a boat trip, others just had a long lunch, a few managed both.

We had packed a great deal into just two days and most p[eople were glad to have Sunday to recover.  It was a fantastic trip, one which we will all remember for some time to come.

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