Kyrle Probus Club
   of Ross-on-Wye


December Talks and Events


Ninety years young, ‘Tug’ Wilson pictured getting ready to blow out the candles on his birthday cake, watched by Kyrle Probus club members and guests

KYRLE Probus Club had a busy December in the run up to Christmas.

Norman Ellis brought greetings from Cheltenham Probus Club to the meeting at the beginning of the month and then gave an absorbing talk on the construction of the Channel Tunnel in which he played a part as an engineer.

He talked of the history of the project which was first mooted back in 1802 and finally took place in 1988, being completed in 1994. He described the construction method and the machinery involved in creating the two rail tunnels and the central service tunnel.

He answered a number of questions at the close of his talk, including which side, British or French, tunnelled the furthest distance; the answer was British and were they in full alignment when each side finally broke through; the answer was ‘almost’.

A week later, a small group of Kyrle members, wives and guests sampled the delights and atmosphere of the Christmas market in Bath.

The traditional Christmas Message was the centrepiece of the last meeting of the year, which was attended by members wives and guests. This year it was given by Rev Bernard Ingram, who is a fellow volunteer of Kyrle Probus’s social secretary, Robin Nicol, in the ongoing restoration of the Gloucester-Hereford canal.

Rev Ingram looked at the legends, events and truth of the Christmas stories, through the gospels of Luke and Mathew and the words of poets such as Rudyard Kipling, Gerard Manley-Hopkins, Ursula Fanthorpe and W H Auden.

As well as celebrating the birth of Christ through the message delivered by their guest speaker, Kyrle Probus Club also celebrated the birth 90 years ago, of highly regarded member ‘Tug’ Wilson. Tug was 90 on December 11 and at the end of the Christmas Message meeting last week, the club surprised him by lighting candles on a birthday cake specially made by Gail Harley, wife of club president, John.

Everyone joined in a hearty rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ as Tug blew out the candles. Fortunately there wasn’t room for all ninety.

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