Kyrle Probus Club
   of Ross-on-Wye


Jubilee Lunch


The club celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with a visit to Hampton Court Castle situated on the banks of the River Lugg near Hope-uner-Dinmore, between Hereford and Leominster . A tour of this 15th century castle, which pre-dates by some 80 years its more famous namesake on the banks of the River Thames, took in the Coningsby Great Hall, the original Chapel, the magnificent ballroom and library and the Gothic style staircase leading up to the sumptuous bedrooms.


It was Sir Humphrey Coningsby who purchased Hampton Court in 1510 and it remained in the Coningsby family, a prominent Herefordshire family until the early 19th century, when it was purchased by Richard Arkwright, son of the famous inventor of the spinning jenny. Richard Arkwright’s son, John, had the house remodeled in the 1830s and ‘40s and the Arkwright family lived at Hampton Court until 1912.


The tour was followed by a three-course lunch in the Orangery restaurant, situated in the conservatory designed by Joseph Paxton in 1846, six years before he went on to design the famous Crystal Palace in London for the Great Exhibition.


At the end of the lunch, the members, wives and friends enjoyed a talk by local historian Shirley Noble, entitled appropriately ‘Kings, Queens and Mistresses’. Shirley took her audience on an amusing, whistlestop family tree tour of the country’s monarchs, form William the Conqueror to Queen Victoria , telling of their many foibles and of course their many, many mistresses and lovers.


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