Kyrle Probus Club
   of Ross-on-Wye


‘Life In Africa’

SOME stunning photography supported a talk entitled ‘Life In Africa’ given by Jim Tickner, a member of Ledbury Probus Club, to Kyrle Probus Club last month.

Jim said he spent a total of nine years in Africa, in Sudan and Kenya, working as a radio engineer with BOAC.

He had not long been married when he was posted to Malakal, south of Khartoum in Sudan. When he was sent to Nairobi in Kenya, his wife was able to join him there, but it was not long before he returned to Sudan. His job involved bringing old aircraft back up to standard, Jim explained.

Jim recalled having to act as midwife at the birth of his first daughter, when they couldn’t make it to the hospital some 15 miles away, in time. Everything worked out all right and eventually they had a second daughter. In their leisure time the family toured the countryside, giving Jim the opportunity to capture some great shots of the landscape and the wild animals that inhabited it.

He also showed shots of some of the aircraft he came across, including a Dakota, an early Comet, a flying boat and a Vampire aircraft, six of which were sent down to Kenya during the Mau Mau troubles.


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