Kyrle Probus Club
   of Ross-on-Wye


Treasure Hunt

Robin Nicol (centre) wonders if joint winners Mike and Lois Knowles (right) and Dennis Calder and Joyce Richards, are going to open their prize of a bottle of wine.

THE site of a gold rush and a chateau producing fine wines, were just two of the places members had to find in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside, when Kyrle Probus Club held its annual car treasure hunt last week.

One of the most popular events in the club’s social calendar, a good number of club members, spouses and friends took to the road and arrived at their final destination and watering hole with friendships and marriages happily still in tact, despite the best efforts of David Kennedy and Robin Nicol, who produced a demanding set of clues to be solved.

Everyone enjoyed a hearty meal and much-appreciated liquid refreshment at the Red Lion in Peterstow, before Robin gave the answers to the clues and announced the prizewinners, commenting that just five points separated all nine teams.

Last year’s winning team of Mike and Shirley Eastwood and Jean Turner were up there again this year, but they were joined in first place by the team of Mike and Lois Knowles, Dennis Calder and Joyce Richards. Two teams, that of Keith and Jean Leyshon and Brian and Mary Wozencraft and that of Keith and Brenda Glover and Alan and Gill Eastough, also shared the runners up spot There were even prizes for the team with the least number of points and the team arriving last at the Red Lion.

The prizes were presented by Brenda Glover, wife of club president Keith Glover. 


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