Kyrle Probus Club
   of Ross-on-Wye


January Lunch 2012 - 30th Anniversary


KYRLE Probus Club was founded at a meeting on July 26, 1982 and so the club will be celebrating its 30th anniversary later this year.

Over 50 members, wives and guests, were present at the club’s recent New Year lunch, among them the club’s longest serving member, Jim Allen who joined on June 2, 1983 and served as president in 1987-88.

Social secretary Robin Nicol, in an interesting, light-hearted talk to the assembled diners, named the presidents of the club over the last 30 years, together with some notable world events that had taken place during their year of office.

Kyrle Probus’s first president was Mr E J Rowberry, who held office from 1982-83. He was followed by Mr M A T Ashton (83-84) and Trevor Lane (84-85), who had a golf match trophy named after him, which is still played for today. Mr W F Hodson was president in 1985-86, followed by Mr C Brookes (86-87), Jim Allen (87-88) and Percy Roberts (88-89).

John Waggett was president in 1989-90, followed by Mr I M L Maclean (90 -91), Doug Read (91-92), John Stamp (92-93), Tom Hallett (93-94), Mr K Turner (94-95), Denis Godfrey (95-96), Peter Farrington (96-97), James Evans (97-98) and Doug Sykes (98-99).

John Farrell (1999.2000) saw the club into the new millennium and he was followed by Keith Martin (2000-01), Mike Eastwood (2001-02), Andy McCulloch (2002-03), Mike Knowles (2003-04), Cliff Blanchet (2004-05), Brian East (2005-06), David Oddy (2006-07), Robin Nicol (2007-08), Ian Kirkham (2008-09), Jim Hamilton (2009-10) and Keith Glover (2010-11). The current president is John Harley.

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