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Speakers programme for our bi-monthly meetings

We always find that talks given by our club members prove to be some of the most interesting and enjoyable activities, and they are always very well received. If you feel that you are able to give a talk to the club, especially about your previous work or experiences or about any of your pastimes, trips and interests, this would be very welcome.

Some of our earlier speakers

Robin Nichol  Photo of Liz Kirkham Photo of John Harley

Robin Nicol


Liz Kirkham


John Harley

35 years of agriculture in Herefordshire




Escape into Colditz

If it is your turn to give a 45 minute talk and you wish to discuss arrangements such as projectors etc., please speak with the Speakers’ Secretary; details are on the committee page. 

If you know of a good speaker who would be willing to talk to the Club, please liaise with the Speakers’ Secretary to arrange a date when they can be fitted in.

If you have any questions or want more information on items you see on this page, please e-mail the or give him a call today on 01989 562 884.

Speaker Programmes






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