Ross-on-Wye Kyrle PROBUS Club

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Bringing together retired or semi-retired PROfessional and BUSiness men


At Kyrle Probus, we've done our best to create our website to anticipate and satisfy the needs of our members and guests and also to inform potential new members. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of FAQ

If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact the Club Secretary by telephone or email to arrange a first visit, or for further information.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The annual subscription to the Club is £20 and there is a charge for coffee and room hire of £30 twice yearly, so £80 per annum. For new members there is also a joining fee of £10 to cover the cost of the club tie and lapel badge.

Do I have to attend a set number of meetings?

No, but we would hope that if you are available, you would want to come along to our twice monthly meetings …......most members do.

Do I have to attend the monthly social events?

No, but we would hope that you would join us on those events which appeal to you. Most members and their partners come along to three or four events over the course of the year.

I notice that you meet at the Conservative Club. Does your Probus Club have any political affiliations?

No, our Club is completely non-political - the Conservative Club merely provides a good venue for our meetings. As a Club we are also secular in all our activities.

What obligations do I have to the Club?

Generally to support the Club in its activities – if Probus is ‘for you’, then this should not be onerous ! The one specific obligation all members have is to find a speaker when it is their turn - this happens about every 15-18 months. An alternative is to address the Club yourself and many new members do this – it’s good for other members to find out about new members’ background and interests. New members are always given a period of grace before being asked to arrange a speaker.

How many members are in the Kyrle Probus Club?

At any one time there are generally about 35 members. Some of the older members find some of the social events a little too much but nevertheless enjoy the twice monthly meetings. There is also a widow’s support section and past members’ widows are invited on the social events and the holidays.

Can I bring a guest along to meetings?

Yes, we welcome occasional guests, both to the meetings and on the social events if there is space.

I know someone who might want to join the Club but is not completely sure. What should I do?

Ask them along as a guest to two or three meetings. To be a good member they should feel comfortable with us and vice versa. If they want to join the club, they will be interviewed by the committee who will make a recommendation on which the membership can then vote.

I think I like the sound of your Club but I don’t know anyone to introduce me. What should I do?

If you are new to the area then make contact with the Club Secretary. He will arrange a ‘buddy’ for you who can introduce you when you attend meetings as a guest. Depending on numbers there is sometimes a waiting list for membership but that needn’t stop you coming along as a guest to see what we are about.

I don’t want to join and suddenly find myself “knobbled” for the committee. What should I do?

When a member sidles up to you in a suspicious manner and starts to pay you complements, just say ”No!”. Some committee members’ posts are more onerous than others but to be a successful club we need committed committee members who enjoy what they do. Your turn will only come when you are ready for it.