Ross-on-Wye Kyrle PROBUS Club

Join our Club

Bringing together retired or semi-retired PROfessional and BUSiness men


At Kyrle Probus, we are always pleased to see prospective new members. You will be welcome to try a few meetings before formally joining, so that you can gauge if the club is right for you without commitment.

Please contact the Club Secretary by telephone or email to arrange a first visit, or for further information.

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you very soon.

Our Meetings

We generally meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from

10:00am to 12:30pm

A typical meeting would be:

    10:00 Coffee and general socialising

    10:30 Apologies for Absence, Minutes, etc

    10:45 Guest speaker to 11:30

    11:35 Meeting close

    11:35 Informal drinks from the bar

    12:30 End


Our usual venue is the Conservative Club in Ross-on-Wye


The Committee

The smooth running and organisation of the Club is the responsibility of the committee. They are elected annually by the members at the Annual General Meeting which is held on the third Thursday in November.

The committee meet once a month just prior to the first meeting in the month and they operate within the constraints of a written constitution. The members of the committee can be found by clicking on the committee link to the left. Comments are welcome from members about how the running of the Club might be improved and we value any feedback about events which have taken place – this can be done informally or raised as an item of Any Other Business at the twice monthly meetings.

The Members

There is no requirement to attend a specific number of meetings, but it is hoped that the social aspects of the Club and the quality of the speakers will always encourage good attendance. With the social events it is unlikely that all will be of appeal to everyone, as the Social Secretary specifically tries to put on a varied programme – but most members will attend probably three or four social events in the course of a year.

Members are expected to pay their annual Club subscriptions and fees promptly as reminded by the Treasurer; currently £20 plus a twice yearly payment for coffee and room hire; currently £30, but every 6 months. A similar prompt response is requested for any monies due for any social events.

Individual members are obliged to organise a speaker when requested by the Speakers’ Secretary. This usually happens about every 12 - 18 months. The member can speak himself or arrange for an outside guest speaker. New members are always given a period of grace to settle in, and many choose to speak for themselves which helps to establish common interests with other members. Members will also be asked to give a Vote of Thanks for a speaker at about the same frequency.

Members provide their name, contact details, previous occupation and general interests or pastimes for the Membership List which is circulated to all members. Some members also agree to ‘buddy’ the widow of a deceased member if they are known to them, to help them maintain contact with the friends they have made in the Club through the social events.