Ross-on-Wye Kyrle PROBUS Club

Notices and Reports (Public)

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Title Owner Date Produced
Empire Airmail Service - John TaylorMike Stares03/01/19
The Christmas Message 2018Mike Stares20/12/18
Memories of a WW2 Lancaster Flight EngineerMike Stares05/12/18
Medals on the Chest - Geoff BlakeMike Stares01/11/18
Mike Aggleton - Radio and TV hoaxesMike Stares19/10/18
Nick Oldfield – Belated Maiden TalkMike Stares05/10/18
Canadian adventure pt 2- Jim HamiltonMike Stares06/09/18
Everest - Dr Andy RogersMike Stares02/08/18
Chaplain - Rev Ian SkinnerMike Stares19/07/18
Does Illness Have Meaning - Judith StaresMike Stares09/07/18
Air operations in AfghanistanMike Stares21/06/18
Tim Barrett- IndiaMike Stares07/06/18
Infinite Shades of Grey - Arthur DurrantMike Stares03/05/18
Mike Stares - Voyage to the StarsMike Stares19/04/18
Some disconnected jottings from trips to NorwayMike Stares19/03/18
Our Man in the Hague - Paul HarrisMike Stares05/03/18
Arts & Crafts Exhibition 2018Mike Stares01/03/18
Myself - John DaviesMike Stares01/03/18
Jim Hamilton - part 1 of his Canada AdventureMike Stares23/01/18
Photographs from the Christmas Message 2017Arthur10/01/18
Bill James gave the first talk of the New YearMike Stares09/01/18
October 2017 TalksJeff Morris21/10/17
"Abolition, Africa and Arctic"Jeffrey Morris07/09/17
Dr A Rogers - ScreeningJeffrey Morris22/08/17
Dean Forest Railway OutingJeffrey Morris16/08/17
BrexitMike Stares07/07/17
Sorry for the inconvenienceMike Stares05/05/17
The Great Severn Railway Bridge DisasterMike Stares07/04/17
Beyond glamour -- CannesMike Stares18/03/17
AnecdotesJeffrey Morris21/02/17
Jan 2017 - Lunch and Andrew Chalmers' TalkMike Stares26/01/17
Vietnam, Cambodia and Angkor WatJeff Morris10/01/17
Mary, Queen of ScotsJeff Morris07/12/16
HLC_Lunch_2017Alan Eastough17/11/16
AGM 2016Mike Stares17/11/16
Three of the BestMike Stares03/11/16
Call for Event Organisers - 2017Peter Allan19/10/16
"A trip to the bank", Norman DuffieldMike Stares15/09/16
A DORSET lad's brush with MedicineJeffrey Morris07/09/16
The Last EscaperMike Stares23/08/16
NORWAY and its fjords - Jim HamiltonJeffrey Morris12/08/16
Bletchley Park’s Greatest AchievementMike Stares05/08/16
Life and Songs of George FormbyMike Stares07/07/16
Farming in the heart of AfricaMike Stares16/06/16
GREAT Losers in HistoryJeffrey Morris10/06/16
Vietnam, Cambodia and the Mekong DeltaMike Stares22/05/16
A Taste of Elgar and WineJeff Morris04/05/16
The Fading Thoughts of a Fortunate AirmanMike Stares07/04/16
Arts and Crafts 2016Jeffrey Morris07/03/16
17 March 2016Mike Stares04/02/16
KYRLE PROBUS 4 February 2016Mike Stares04/02/16
A Bodyguard of LiesMike Stares21/01/16
Viva EspanaMike Stares07/01/16
CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2015Mike Stares18/12/15
Driving MattersMike Stares05/11/15
HMS PinaforeMike Stares26/10/15
KYRLE PROBUS 15 OCTMike Stares19/10/15
Holiday 2015Jeffrey Morris25/09/15
Land of Ice and FireMike Stares16/07/15
From J-Cloth to J-ClassMike Stares02/07/15
Thirty Eight Clues and a Multitude of ViewsMike Stares22/06/15
Renewable Energy SystemsMike Stares18/06/15
No Way to Run a RailwayMike Stares04/06/15
RAF CosfordMike Stares05/05/15
Ross Weather StationMike Stares05/05/15
Brian Read - "Bix Beiderbecke"Mike Stares16/04/15
Andrew Chalmers - "Who am I?"Mike Stares02/04/15
Speaker John Taylor - "Luck and Coincidence"Mike Stares19/03/15
Norman Duffield - Lower Wye IndustryMike Stares06/03/15
Sue Edward's Talk - ANTARCTICMike Stares19/02/15
February EditorialMike Stares08/02/15
Bowled Over by a MaidenMike Stares02/02/15
"Satisfaction" - Talk by Bob Brandram-JonesMike Stares09/01/15
Christmas Message 2014Mike Stares18/12/14
AGM 2014Jeffrey Morris04/12/14
Female Aviatrixes - Talk by John Harley Nov 2014Mike Stares04/12/14
October 2014 ActivitiesJeffrey Morris30/10/14
Orkney and the Highlands - talk by Jim HamiltonJeffrey Morris14/10/14
Bess of HarwickJeffrey Morris16/09/14
Tall Ships Youth TrustJeffrey Morris16/09/14
Early Years in BroadcastingJeffrey Morris20/08/14
A Life of PiJeffrey Morris03/06/14
Visit Report - Cobrey FarmsJeffrey Morris21/05/14
"Return of the Terminator"Arthur Durrant08/05/14
St Michael HospiceRobin Nichol30/04/14
April 2014 ReportJeffrey Morris15/04/14
So what else happened in 1815?Jeffrey Morris01/04/14
Bits about MedalsJeffrey Morris18/03/14
Report on Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2014Jeffrey Morris04/03/14
"At the Chalk Face" - talk by Bob BurcherJeffrey Morris18/02/14
Report on New Year Lunch 2014Jeffrey Morris04/02/14
Jan 2014 - Ross Gazzette Press ReleaseJeffrey Morris15/01/14
Christmas Message Buffet Menu07/12/13
AGM 21st November 2013Jeffrey Morris02/12/13
New Year Lunch Menu (revised)01/12/13
"Sosnovy Bor" - talk by Nick OldfieldJeffrey Morris24/10/13
Treago Castle - H&WV LifeJulliet Kemp01/05/11